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Year 2 - What's happening this half term (autumn first half term)?

8th September 2021 Posted by Year 2

We are really pleased to welcome back our pupils this week. If you have any questions related to the reopening of school, please see the ‘Key information’ on the school website. We really appreciate any parental support that can be given at home through helping your child with basic number skills (times tables, counting and number bonds) and hearing them read regularly.

This half term we will be learning about:


In our English lessons we will be working on the following areas:

  • Sentence structures

  • Use of basic punctuation , . ! ? “

  • Using descriptive language/stories with familiar settings

  • Word classes e.g. nouns, verbs and adjectives

  • Handwriting — correct letter formation and cursive script


We will begin by looking at number and place value. We will be learning about:

  • Counting forwards and backwards in 1s, 2s, 5 and 10s

  • Representing numbers pictorially

  • Ordering and comparing numbers

  • Finding one more and one less of a given number and ten more and ten less of a given number


Our first Science topic is Materials. We will be learning about:

  • Recognising different materials and some of their properties

  • Comparing the uses of different materials

  • Investigating how a material can change


Our first YPC topic is Kandinsky and then we will move on to Transport. We will be learning about:


  • Learning about who Kandinsky is

  • Creating artwork in the style of Kandinsky


  • Exploring the history of the wheel

  • Investigating how wheels are used and how they work

  • Designing, making and evaluating a vehicle with an axle


This term we will be learning about Basic Skills and how to navigate a computer.

  • Children will learn how to independently log on and access various programs.

  • They will understand how to use the computing equipment correctly and be able to use the ‘Stay Safe Online’ website.

PE/Sports: Football and Dance

On the days of P.E. lessons or Sports Clubs, pupils should come to school in their P.E. kit or clothing appropriate for P.E instead of their school uniform. Where possible, we will be conducting P.E. lessons outside so a hoodie/jacket and joggers are recommended. Please ensure that they still have a warm, waterproof coat for lunch and play times on these days too.

If your child wears earrings there are three options on P.E. days:

  1. Children do not wear their earrings on the day that they have a P.E. lesson. This is the safest option.

  2. Children have plasters put on at home so that their earrings are already covered for their P.E lesson.

  3. Send plasters in so that their earrings can be covered. Children will need to do this themselves, teachers are not able to.


We will be learning about why we need rules in society and how they keep people safe and help us work together.

Dates for the diary

Roald Dahl Day-Monday 13th September

Work at Home

The ‘Autumn 1 Work At Home’ pack will be available to download from the school website soon. Please let us know if a paper copy is required. We also encourage the use of the learning hubs as well as websites such as MyMaths and Times Table Rockstars.

Class 2W - Summer 2

14th July 2021 Posted by Mr Wearing

What a fantastic final half-term we have had!

In English we really enjoyed reading Fantastic Mr Fox. We thought it had some great characters in it and we enjoyed writing a character description about Farmer Bean. We also created a book review based on the book. We really enjoyed sharing our opinion and giving our recommendations on the book.

In Maths, we had lots of fun learning about money. We looked at recognising the different coins, adding them together and solving change problems. We really enjoyed creating a pretend toy shop to develop these skills. We also looked at time and learnt how to read the time and create a time. It was important we remembered the difference between the minute and hour hand.

It was great fun creating a clown car in YPC for our Circus topic. We started by looking at different toy cars and then we designed our own with moving axles. Then, we built it using cardboard and wooden dowels for the axles. To finish the topic, we learnt some circus tricks with Mr Jones which was lots of fun!

In Science, we have been carrying out Scientific experiments. The topic has been all about bubbles and we were challenged to try and make different shaped bubbles, different sized bubbles and change the colour of them. We also grew some strawberry and tomato plants. It was important that we gave them enough water, light and heat.

Well done class for working so hard during this year! It has not been a normal year but you have risen to the challenge and I have been so impressed with how hard you have all worked! I wish you all the best of luck in Year 3 and I look forward to seeing you around school.

Class 2M - Summer 2

14th July 2021 Posted by Miss Murphy

What a brilliant final half-term, 2M!

During our Maths lessons we have had lots of fun learning about money. We looked at recognising the different coins, adding them together and solving problems to find change. Using these skills, we were able to create our own pretend toy shop where we could buy and sell lots of different things. We also enjoyed looking at time and learnt how to read and show the time. We were able to develop skills such as remembering the difference between the minute and hour hand, counting in 5 minute intervals and using mathematical language related to time.

In English, we have really enjoyed reading Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox. We really enjoyed seeing how the author had used positive and negative language to describe the characters and applied this knowledge when writing our own character description of Farmer Bean. After we read the book, we also created a book review based on the book. It was lots of fun to share our own opinions.

We had so much fun making our own clown car for our Circus topic in YPC. We started by exploring different toys cars to identify the features before designing our own with moving axles. After designing, we built our cars using cardboard and wooden dowels for the axles. As a special treat to finish the topic, we had lots of fun learning some circus tricks with Mr Jones.

In Science, we have been carrying out lots of Scientific experiments. Our topic of ‘Bubbles’ has allowed us to develop our investigative skills when we were challenged to try and make different shaped bubbles, different sized bubbles and change the colour of them. We learnt a lot about creating a fair test and making sensible predictions. We also spent some time recapping our knowledge of Seasonal Change.

Well done, 2M. It has been a very difficult year but you have been incredibly mature and positive throughout. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you all and I am sure you will continue to be just as successful in Year 3. Have a lovely break and I look forward to seeing you around school next year.​

Class 2L - Summer 2

13th July 2021 Posted by Mr Lloyd

Although we are ending the year in the way none of us wanted - being back to remote learning - it is important to reflect on what a great half term we have had in 2L prior to now.

In English, we have written a recount and a diary entry based on the Great Fire of London, reading several stories based on these events. We also read ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ by Roald Dahl and wrote a character description and a book review.

In Maths we have looked at measure, including: length, capacity, mass and temperature. We looked at the different apparatus needed to measure these different things and applied our learning to real-world problems. We then moved on to Money and learned how to make values using different coins and the skill of finding change.

We have continued to learn about Seasonal Change in our Science topic, looking at the changes between spring and summer. We also looked at ‘Bubbles’, working scientifically to conduct our own investigations into what makes the biggest bubbles. We changed variables such as the amount of washing up liquid, the size of the bubble wand.

In our YPC topic we have learned all about the Great Fire of London, examining what primary and secondary sources can tell us about these events. We have also looked at the lives of famous women in history, such as Grace Darling and Rosa Parks, creating art work and profiles. Our final topic this year was ‘Circus’. We had the opportunity to design, make and evaluate a clown car, considering how we can make it appealing to children, through use of eye-catching designs and appropriate size.

I have really enjoyed teaching you all this year and you should be very proud of the achievements you have all made. Wishing you all the best for when you start Year 3 in September. I know you will have a fantastic time with your new teacher, Mr Shah!

Have a wonderful summer, 2L.

Class 2U - Summer 2

12th July 2021 Posted by Mr Ulhaq

We’ve had an amazing year 2U – you should all be proud of your achievements this final half term.

For Maths, we covered Measure, learning about capacity, length, temperature and mass. We also have learned about money, combining coins and calculating change. Finally, we looked at telling time on an analogue clock.

In English, we have used our Y.P.C topic to read texts on the Great Fire of London, writing a recount and a diary entry. We focussed on writing in 1st person, conveying feelings and looking at their impact, physically. Also, we have looked at redrafting some of our favourite pieces, editing and improving our previous pieces of writing.

In our Science lessons, 2U completed work on Seasonal Change, in learning about the wonderful changes that Summer brings. We also developed our scientific inquiry skills by completing a special mini-topic, Bubbles.

During Y.P.C lessons, we had a special visitor show some weapons, armour and artefacts from the Middle Ages that knights or kings might have used, completing our Castles topic. We then moved on to Famous Events and People, using our historical skills to study the key moments of the Great Fire of London. In addition, we studied historical sources to find out more about significant individuals, such as Grace Darling. Finally, we used Design and Technology skills in our Circus topic to design, create and evaluate a toy clown car.

I am really proud of all of the hard work and achievement 2U. I hope you enjoy your well-deserved Summer holidays and I wish you all good luck for Year 3 in September!

Mr. Ulhaq.