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Year 4 - What's happening this half term (autumn first half term)?

8th September 2021 Posted by Year 4

We hope you’ve had a wonderful summer. Due to last year’s lockdown, we are still focusing on consolidating key skills. Here’s what we’ll be up to this term.


A focus on handwriting and presentation, sentence structure, word classes (verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs) and tense. We will be gradually building up the amount children write. Our book this half term is The Demon Headmaster, a fantastic book we’re sure the children will love. We’re also answering questions about a variety of texts such as non-fiction, poems and short stories. Please do read regularly with your children.


Place Value – Partitioning, rounding, representing numbers with 4 digits and Roman Numerals.

Formal methods for the four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with numbers up to 4 digits.

We’ll also be practising times tables regularly. Please do the same at home.


Sound – Exploring how sounds are made, how the ear picks up sound and how to change volume and pitch.


How do artists challenge our view of the world? An art topic focusing on the surrealist artist Rene Magritte. Children will use their sketch books to practise different art skills, finally creating their own surrealist painting.

Stone Age to the Iron Age- Next, we’ll move on to looking at the distant past, understanding how historical sources are used and how the lives of people changed over time.


Staying safe online and reporting concerns, Word Processing.


On the days of P.E. lessons or Sports Clubs, pupils should come to school in their P.E. kit or clothing appropriate for P.E. instead of their school uniform. Where possible, we will be conducting P.E. lessons outside so a hoodie/jacket and joggers are recommended. Please ensure that they still have a warm, waterproof coat for lunch and play times on these days too.

If your child wears earrings, there are three options:

  1. Send plasters in so that their ears are covered.

  2. Children have plasters put on at home so that they are prepared for their P.E lesson.

  3. Children do not wear their earrings on the day they have PE.

Further information will follow, regarding Swimming and Forest School.

RE/PHSE: Expressing Joy, Being Thankful, Harvest.

Important information

  • Children should bring a water bottle to school each day and take it home to be washed.

  • Unfortunately there will be no assemblies until further notice. However we will be celebrating achievements in class and on twitter so do follow your child’s teacher.

  • Children should be undertaking regular reading practice at home; even as little as a regular five minutes a day can make a huge impact on their learning. Also, multiplication grids and spellings can be found in the planners for children to practise.

Work at Home

The ‘Autumn 1 Work At Home’ pack will be available to download from the school website soon. Please let us know if a paper copy is required. We also encourage the use of the learning hubs as well as websites such as MyMaths and Times Table Rockstars.

Thank you for your continued support.

Class 4D - The End of Year 4

19th July 2021 Posted by Miss Delaney

In English this half term, we have been looking at Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which has been so fun! The children have been able to write a match report and lots of fun descriptions based on characters!

In Maths, we have been recapping all of the skills learnt this past year, which has been great, as we've remembered lots of things, but also played games and worked as a team.

We briefly recapped States of Matter in science, and we did an experiment where we created our own mini lava lamp! In YPC, we looked at different artists and musicians, created our own artwork and practised a song!

P.E. has allowed us to learn and play games of cricket, which was really fun in the sun.

Thank you for such an amazing year 4D! You are all so amazing and so clever, and I am so proud of everything that everyone has achieved! I will miss you dearly, but will always be here if you want to say hi or show me your work!

Have a great summer and good luck in Year 5!

Class 4C - Summer 2

14th July 2021 Posted by Mrs Chaudary

This term in English, the children's lesson have been around the book Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone. We have read certain parts to each chapter and written different pieces of writing around those extracts such as, a story, playscript and news report.

In Maths, we recapped skill that were taught back in Autumn term for example, time, units of measurement and shape. The children really enjoyed using the clocks to help understand time and using the measuring scales to understand measurement.

States of Matter is the topic the children have covered this term in Science. We revisited this topic as we had originally started this topic during lockdown.

In P.E. the children worked on their Athletic skills and cricket skills. We covered javelin, shotput, discus and running in Athletics.

It has been a great pleasure teaching 4C this year and you will truly be missed. I wish you all the best for the future. Have a well deserved break and I will see you around school back in September.

Take care, 4C.

Class 4F - The last half term in Year 4

13th July 2021 Posted by Miss Fielding

In English this half term, we have based our lessons around Harry Potter. We have read extracts from the first book and watched clips from the film. Children wrote descriptions, play scripts, news reports and stories based on the world of Harry Potter and will finish by watching the whole film and comparing it to the book.

In Reading, we focused on reading Harry Potter, understanding the vocabulary and inferences within the text.

In Maths, we recapped topics from throughout the year, focusing on reasoning and problem solving. We particularly recapped time, money and measures.

In YPC, we designed and created pop up books using split pins. Children attempted to create moving parts. This was very tricky but the children tried hard. Next, we moved onto Great Artists and Musicians. We practised and performed a song, which you should be able to watch on Friday.

In Science, we recapped States of Matter, with a focus on scientific skills. Children planned and carried out an investigation around evaporation.

4F have shown great resilience throughout this strange year. I do hope next year is a more settled year for them. Have a lovely summer and enjoy Year 5!

Class 4M - Goodbye and good luck!

13th July 2021 Posted by Miss McDougall

4M have had an incredible end to the year and have persevered through many challenges.

In English, we have looked finished reading Gangsta Granny and also completed Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. The children have worked really hard to remember the rules for each skill taught and have been able to apply it to their English work. There has been a big focus on presentation within the class and the children have risen to the challenge.

In Maths, we have worked on completing the year 4 curriculum by completing statistics and recapping all the skills we have learnt this year. The children have been pushed with their mathematical knowledge and continue to ask for challenges.

In Science, we focussed on recapping states of matter as well as delving into the depths scientific enquiry.

In YPC. we have completed a design and technology topic based on levers and linkages. The children have also worked hard on their Artists and Muscians topic.

The children have been working hard in P.E., with both athletics and cricket.

It has been a pleasure to teach this class and I wish them all the best next year.

Have a lovely summer!