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Year 5 - What's happening this half term (autumn first half term)?

8th September 2021 Posted by Year 5

Welcome Back!

We are so incredibly happy to see all the children returning to school with smiles on their faces, showing enthusiasm and curiosity. We are looking forward to teaching them lots of exciting lessons and useful skills. We shall all work together to have a great term with new, inspiring topics.


This term we will be reading Room 13 by Robert Swindells. There will be a focus on deeper understanding of the text through higher order questioning and discussion. Using themes from the book, a range of writing genres will be explored while paying close attention to grammar, punctuation and spelling.


Ready for a year of coding and game design, we are going to start with a programme called Scratch, where we are going to create a maze game.


In Dance, we will be developing our skills, of breakdancing. For P.E. we will be studying Netball.

If your child wears earrings there are three options on P.E. days:

  1. Children do not wear their earrings on the day that they have a P.E. lesson. This is the safest option.

  2. Children have plasters put on at home so that their earrings are already covered for their P.E. lesson.

  3. Send plasters in so that their earrings can be covered. Children will need to do this themselves, staff are not able to.


We are going to start the year studying framed structures, with pupils designing and creating bird hides. Then we are going to study perspective and the artist Charles Sheeler. Later in the term will look at Invaders and Settlers, studying Romans, Vikings and Anglo Saxons and their effect on Britain.


Our topic in R.E. this term explores the different ways in which we can help others including the care of animals and our environment. In P.H.S.E., we will look at UNICEF Rights of the Child and goals for the future.


In Science we are learning about Earth and what lies beyond our solar system. This will give the children an understanding of the various methods of scientific enquiry used to answer different types of question.

Work at Home

The ‘Autumn 1 Work At Home’ pack will be available to download from the school website soon.

We encourage the use of our learning hub, Times Table Rockstars and MyMaths websites. Times tables can be a bit of a stumbling block, and the only way forward is regular practice to improve speed and out-of-sequence recall. Please support your child by hearing them read and encouraging them to read independently as often as possible, they may also like to take a look at the Virtual Library on the website.

Class 5A - Summer 2

20th July 2021 Posted by Mr Abraham

Our final half term in Year 5 has been a busy one!

We finished Stormbreaker and completed a piece of non-fiction writing informing readers about the weird and wonderful world of jellyfish. We also tried our hands at a few different types of poetry - the haikus in particular were stunning.

We began to look at statistics in maths, looking at bar charts, line graphs and timetables, as well as learning to reflect and translate shapes across the x and y axes.

We started the term in YPC with a D&T focus, designing and making our own moving toys using CAMs, and then exploring optical art and foam printing through the work of Bridget Riley.

Sports Day was really fun, though it was a shame that parents couldn't join us.

Finally, on the morning of my final day at Yardley Primary School, I'd like to say thank you to all of the staff, parents, pupils, and particularly this year's 5A, for making my time here so special, and for teaching me so much. I know that the class, and the school, will continue to go from strength to strength.

Class 5JW - Summer 2

19th July 2021 Posted by Mrs Wainwright

Another busy ½ term with lots going on.

In English, we finished ‘Stormbreaker’ and also did some non-fiction writing, investigating fascinating jellyfish. We all learnt lots about these amazing creatures and created some fantastic non-chronological reports. We also put our poetry hats on and had a look at some different styles of poetry, including haiku.

In Maths, we revisited fractions and decimals, as well as looking at some work on graphs and time.

We had a very practical YPC half term, creating toys using CAMs. Pupils showed great skills using saws and showed great problem solving, whilst getting their toys to bob up and down, spin or both. We also looked at the art of Bridget Riley and created colour prints using foam tiles, with great success.

Pupils participated enthusiastically on Sports Day and it was a pity they couldn’t be cheered on by more than their class mates, perhaps next year we will be able to be a more of a family affair.

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching 5JW and am impressed with their resilience with dealing with the various interruptions caused by COVID. I wish them a successful time with their various teachers next year and hope it can be more settled for everyone.​

Class 5W - Summer 2

12th July 2021 Posted by Mrs Walker

We can't quite believe another year has gone by. 5W have worked incredibly hard; the progress they have made is evident in their books, and their improved confidence and maturity.

During our science sessions we have been learning about the reproduction cycles of living organisms; there has been some fieldwork involved, and it has been helpful to expand our general knowledge and observations ( for example - all the 'fluff' that's been around in the air recently, came into our discussion of seed dispersal).

Maths has included a unit on geometry, one on statistics, then some work on fractions, decimals and percentages. Remember to remind your child to use Mathletics over the holidays to consolidate their knowledge.

During English lessons, we really enjoyed our class novel, Stormbreaker - and managed to get some great pieces of writing done whilst using it for inspiration.

YPC has been D.T. and art based, with some stunning work produced in various styles (have a look on Twitter).

We still have a few sunny afternoons of rounders to look forward to (it might get us in the mood for some sporty, family time, in the park, this summer holiday).

I have had the best time teaching this class, they are a wonderful bunch of young people, and I am going to miss them tremendously.

Thank you to your gorgeous children for their hard work, humour and resilience this year, and thank you to the lovely families, supporting them, who have made all the progress possible. Have a great holiday and be ready for Year 6 in September.

Hasta luego,

Mrs Walker

Class 5T - Summer 2

9th July 2021 Posted by Mr Thacker

A personal message from Mr Thacker:

What a strange and challenging year it’s been! Your children have been incredibly resilient, hardworking and a delightful distraction from the outside world. Considering the amount of school they’ve all had to miss due to lockdowns, their progress has been very good and they have continued to show a huge amount of enthusiasm and effort during lessons.

This will be my final year at Yardley Primary School. After thirty years of teaching here, I’ve decided that now is the time to move on to other things. I will miss working with children and seeing them develop and grow - both emotionally and academically - and I feel very lucky to have worked with such an amazing team of teachers over the past three decades. I’m also delighted that Class 5T will be my last ever class as they have made my final year of teaching in the classroom very enjoyable.

Thank you, goodbye and best wishes to you all.

Mr Thacker​