What are we aiming for?

At Yardley Primary School we aim to provide a broad and balanced Computing curriculum which has been carefully planned to meet the knowledge and skill requirements of the National Curriculum programme of study, as well as the needs of our pupils. 

We believe that the teaching and learning of Computing is essential to the development of all pupils to prepare them for the world we live in today and to create ‘responsible, respectful and active digital citizens’. Pupils are encouraged to develop a greater understanding and knowledge of technology. We also focus on developing the skills necessary for pupils to be able to use information technology in a critical and effective way, as well as using it safely and being accountable for their actions.

How do we achieve this?

Our Computing curriculum is taught in distinct units providing pupils with a broad balance of the three strands:

There are standalone units for Digital Safety and how to stay safe online, however, this is also a key theme referred to throughout the curriculum and whenever pupils have access to technology.  

Key computing knowledge, skills and vocabulary have been carefully mapped across all year groups to ensure progression. Units of work in Computing have been planned in a progressive way in order to deepen pupils’ knowledge and understanding of different areas of the curriculum. Through a logical sequence of lessons, pupils are able to make links, transfer knowledge and content from previous learning to build on their understanding.

What does success look like?

The following outcomes are as a result of our Computing curriculum:

Computing in the early years

Although, the ‘Technology’ strand has been removed from the new Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, Yardley Primay School consider Computing to be an essential subject to teach to children in the foundation stage. Providing Computing opportunities within the curriculum ensures that children enter Year 1 with a foundation of key knowledge and skills.

Children have the opportunities to use computers, tablets, Beebots and online games. Some technological toys such as sound buttons, cameras and microphones are also readily available in our continuous provision.

Computing opportunities in the E.Y.F.S. also ensure that children develop listening skills, problem-solving abilities and thoughtful questioning — as well as improving subject skills across the seven areas of E.Y.F.S. learning.

To find out more about our early years curriculum, visit our E.Y.F.S. page here.

Key Stage Overview

Progression of Skills

Computer Science Progression of Skills.pdf
Information Technology Progression of Skills.pdf
Digital Literacy Progression of Skills.pdf

If you require any further information about this curriculum area or any other, please do not hesitate to contact us.