Languages (Spanish)

What are we aiming for?

At Yardley Primary School we believe that learning another language broadens our pupils’ horizons and fosters the understanding and respect for other communities needed to become global citizens. We strive to provide a high quality languages curriculum with the aim that our pupils develop a deep interest in and appreciation for other cultures, as they learn to understand and express themselves with increasing confidence.

How do we achieve this?

Spanish is taught across Key Stage 2, with the National Curriculum scheme of work used as the basis for planning. Curriculum plans are in three phases (long term, medium term and short term) with planned progression in the different strands of language learning to allow children of all abilities to develop an increasing knowledge of Spanish.

Each individual topic provides a balance in opportunities for pupils to develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, as well as building an increasing knowledge of the phonics, grammar and vocabulary of the Spanish language. The core language content is enriched through exposure to a range of authentic sources including stories, songs, poems and rhymes, as well as opportunities to learn about the traditions and culture of the Spanish speaking world.

What does success look like?

Through the teaching of Spanish in Key Stage 2, pupils develop specific knowledge of the language, learning words and structures that enable them to:

Curriculum Overview


Spanish Curriculum Overview.pdf

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