What are we aiming for?

At Yardley Primary School, pupils will experience their full entitlement to the National Curriculum by experiencing a range of interesting and practical tasks, which allow them to develop their understanding of the concepts and processes of Science. During these tasks, they will develop their scientific skills, reinforce their understanding and build on their curiosity, enthusiasm and sense of awe of the natural world.  

The curriculum content will: develop pupils’ enthusiasm; their interest and positive attitudes towards Science; an appreciation of the fact that Science is all around us; how it shapes the world we live in and contributes to our lives and our community.  

The learning will build on prior knowledge and make links to previous learning experiences.  Essential skills and vocabulary will be taught in order for pupils to answer scientific questions decisively, use different types of investigation including observing over time; pattern seeking; identifying, classifying and grouping; comparative and fair testing (controlled investigations); and research (using secondary sources).  

We aim for our pupils to be inspired by Science as a subject and to continue to be curious about the world around them and the Science which affects their lives.

How do we achieve this?

Yardley Primary School fosters a positive attitude to Science learning within classrooms and reinforces an expectation that all pupils are capable of achieving high standards in Science.  

Our whole school approach to the teaching and learning of Science involves the following: 

What does success look like?

The following outcomes are a result of our Science curriculum: 

Science in the early years

The Foundation Stage delivers Science content through the ‘Understanding the World’ strand of the EYFS curriculum. This involves guiding pupils to make sense of their physical world and their community through opportunities to explore, observe and find out about people, places, technology and the environment. Pupils are assessed according to the Early Learning Goal 'the Natural World'.

To find out more about our early years curriculum, visit our E.Y.F.S. page here.

Curriculum Overview

Please note:  This overview outlines the approximate order of topics covered and is subject to change throughout the school year, especially as teachers assess classes and pupils.

Progression of Knowledge and Skills

Year 1 - Science Progression of Knowledge and Skills.pdf
Year 2 - Science Progression of Knowledge and Skills.pdf
Year 3 - Science Progression of Knowledge and Skills.pdf
Year 4 - Science Progression of Knowledge and Skills.pdf
Year 5 - Science Progression of Knowledge and Skills.pdf
Year 6 - Science Progression of Knowledge and Skills.pdf

If you require any further information about this curriculum area or any other, please do not hesitate to contact us.