Policies & Statements

Accessibility Plan.pdf
Annual Governance Statement.pdf
Anti-Bullying Policy .pdf
Assessment Statement.pdf
Attendance Policy.pdf
British Values Statement.pdf
Charging and Remissions Policy.pdf
Complaints Procedure.pdf
Dinner Money Policy.pdf
Equality Information and Objectives.pdf
Fair Processing Notice - Layer One.pdf
Inclusion Policy.pdf
Maths - Parent Guide to Written Addition (Sept 2015).pdf
Maths - Parent Guide to Written Division (Sept 2015).pdf
Maths - Parent Guide to Written Multiplication (Sept 2015).pdf
Maths - Parent Guide to Written Subtraction (Sept 2015).pdf
Maths - Written Addition Policy.pdf
Maths - Written Division Policy.pdf
Maths - Written Multiplication Policy.pdf
Maths - Written Subtraction Policy.pdf
No Platform Policy.pdf
Parental Code of Conduct.pdf
Pupil Digital Safety Agreement (Reception - Year 1).pdf
Pupil Digital Safety Agreement (Year 2 - Year 6).pdf
Pupil Image Consent.pdf
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.pdf
School Values and School Rules.pdf
School Visitors Policy and Procedures Policy Statement.pdf
Uniform Policy.pdf

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