Yardley Fundraisers (PTFA)

Who are Yardley Fundraisers?

Yardley Fundraisers are a team of people whose aim is to raise extra funds for Yardley Primary School. They are a PTFA.

What is a PTFA?

PTFA stands for Parents, Teachers and Friends Association. It is made up of parents, staff and community members who contribute by supporting the school with fundraising.

Who can become a Yardley Fundraiser?

Anybody who is directly involved with Yardley Primary School can become a Yardley Fundraiser. If you are the parent/guardian of a child who attends our school then that includes you! Members can contribute by supporting the school without committing to any long term roles or responsibilities, unless they wish to get involved more!

What is expected of me if I show my support?

That is entirely up to you! You may wish to just help out as a one-off at a disco, or become involved in helping to organise the Christmas Fayre - the choice is yours! There is no pressure on anybody to do anything - we will just let you know when there's something going on and you can let us know if you can help out. Or, if you are looking to get involved in being part of the running of the PTFA, we would love to hear from you too!

How do I become involved?

To join Yardley Fundraisers or to find out more you can give us a call at school (0121 464 3235), email fundraisers@yardleyprimary.org or enquire at the school office. We may ask you for a few contact details but this is just so we can get in touch with you. You can also speak to Mr Walmsley to chat about it - he can often be found in the playground outside school before and after the school day.