Basic Skills & SEND Hub

Below you will find resources to support:


Number sense and basic Maths skills

Fine and gross motor skills


Practise your phonics using the Phonics Play website. There are lots of fun games and activities to try! Click here to visit Phonics Play.

Many more Alphablocks videos available on the BBC website. Click here to find more Alphablocks videos.

Phonics Videos

Supporting your child with phonics

This video will help parents to support their children with their phonics learning.


Watch this video to help you count to ten.

Play Blast Off - number recognition and counting.

Watch this Numberblocks video - count to 10.

IXL has many counting games just like this one.

Letter and Number Formation

Watch this video to support you with letter formation.


Other ways of developing letter shapes:

  • Encourage children to 'sky-write' with both hands.

  • Let children make patterns in the air or on each other’s backs.

  • Make a letter shape in sand, shaving foam or glitter tray.

Watch this video to support you with number recognition and formation.


Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Here are lots more ideas and activities to try at home:

BBC Super Movers

The BBC 'Super Movers' website has lots of songs and dance videos to help you learn about important topics in English and Maths. Learn as you move!

Check out the links below:

Dance along to the video below all about the days of the week.

Move and Sing

Are you ready to dance? Get up and move with this collection of super simple dance and movement ideas.

100+ videos of traditional Nursery Rhymes with lyrics. Join in and have some fun!

Click here join in with well-known nursery rhymes and songs.

Speech and Language - further support for parents

Intensive Interaction - an explanation

Intensive Interaction - ideas

Intensive interaction activity examples.pdf

A parent's guide to encourage early communication. Click here to view the guide in full.

Using bubbles to support speech and language.pdf